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Luxurious, State-of-the-Art Party Buses! 

Surround yourself with luxury. Put the fun back into your parties with the best party bus rental in PA. We are proud to offer the finest luxury limousines and party buses in Philadelphia! You will find that we feature some of the best, world-class vehicles in the Pennsylvania state and the fleets are waiting for you to enjoy your most special occasions.

We are the industry leaders in providing party buses in Philadelphia. At Party Bus Online, we provide our clients with top-of-the-line buses with plush and luxurious interiors loaded with many extras for your pleasure and convenience.

All our fleets are late models and up-to-date with all the requirements that you might have. Our party bus rentals in PA are budget-friendly and our rates are competitive. Our chauffeurs are professionally trained and our buses are well maintained. We run regular performance checks to add a level of security. You can book yourself a bus at Party Bus Online either by calling us or by making an online reservation. Visit us at or call for more info, availability of party buses, and package deals.

Why Party Bus Rentals in PA?

  • Largest selection of marvelous party buses
  • Great value and competitive rates
  • Enthusiastic, friendly, and professional drivers
  • Inquisitive service 24/7

 Philadelphia Party Bus

At Party Bus Online, we offer the largest selection of party buses available in the city. Our party buses are perfect for birthdays, proms, weddings, night outs on the town in Philadelphia, and so much more! Our party buses are in a variety of sizes and styles, and make the perfect method of transportation for every group size. We have every vehicle type regardless of the event. 

Our party bus transportation services in Philadelphia are the best for a reason! Not only you will get 24/7 customer support, but you have an amazing chauffeur to accommodate you for the evening. Our drivers are familiar with the routes, so they can navigate you easily to the location you want to go to.

Our high-quality service and affordable price are what make the experience amazing! Our limos and the service are the best in the area. You can enjoy a great experience with us knowing that you did not break the bank! We keep our prices competitive so you can rest assured that you are getting the best deal with us all year round!

Our Party Bus Fleet Rental

  • Transformer Pro Star Party Bus
  • VIP Party Bus
  • Luxury Mercedes Bus
  • Exotic Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Lincoln Navigator White SUV Limo
  • Cadillac Escalade White SUV Limo
  • Ford Expedition White SUV Limo
  • Hummer H2 White SUV Limo
  • Lincoln Navigator Pink SUV Limo

If you are looking for the best party bus rental near me, call Party Bus Online! We’re available 24/7 to provide you with the best party bus transportation service in Philadelphia.

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The Hottest Trend for Group Transportation

Organizing a group gathering or transportation is an overwhelming task. Be it for corporate events or any social gathering; you need the best transportation means for various reasons. Let us have a look at the reasons for party bus rentals in New York being the hottest trend for group transportation.

Sorting out corporate occasions is a fundamental part of maintaining a fruitful business. Through usual organized gatherings, meetings, instructional courses, product launches, and round-table discourses, you can give data about your items and administrations to your customers, show the staff essential business tasks and procedures, talk about proposition and significant-close arrangements with industry accomplices, and develop great connections and invigorate productive discussions with the suitable individuals.

When you set up together events, like these, you will, in all probability, be welcoming individuals from everywhere throughout the city or nation and maybe even from abroad to go to a particular area, and arrange for the transportation of your visitors and customers would be a top need. It’s excellent practice to make incredible plans for shipping your visitors any place they have to go — from the airport to their facilities, to the occasion setting, to your office, and anyplace else they should be.

Your underlying thought might be to use organization vehicles for this reason, yet why not take things up an indent. Maybe you can consider enlisting a New York party bus administration from us at Party Bus Online to deal with the transportation of your esteemed visitors and customers all through your special occasion.

What advantages will you remain to pick up from procuring trusted and proficient party bus administrations for your corporate occasions? Here are three key focuses to keep in mind:

Convenience, well being, and time savings for your customers and colleagues

A few officials spend a lot of their professional life in travel, getting one plane or train after another to go to an unending series of gatherings and occasions over the globe. Others might be very new to all the traveling in many directions engaged with work excursions and might not have a firm handle of the areas they need to go. Whichever sort of visitors will go to your event, make a point to make the adventure astoundingly helpful and agreeable for them — send a party bus to get them at the airport, take them to their lodging, the event scene or different areas remembered for the schedule, bring them back to the hotel and more?

A brief and committed party bus administration will guarantee that they will not need to hold up an extended period to move to the next destination. They can rest and be refreshed during the journey in a comfortable vehicle. They will not need to stress over their security out in the boulevards or being on schedule for the occasion — a courteous and productive driver will take them any place they should be.

You can start the event as planned

Events are infamous for beginning late or enduring past the scheduled time because of a wide range of conditions. A dependable party bus administration, notwithstanding, which values watching the right time for pick-ups, drop-offs and travels for every customer, will be a significant contributing variable to the instantaneous of your event as visitor speakers, VIPs, customers or accomplice administrators make sure to land without delays.

You show your image’s responsibility to greatness

You might be distracted with a few things without a moment’s delay while sorting out and running a gigantic event, yet remember that your visitors and customers will observe the degree of consideration you accommodated their needs while going to and from your area. Exhibiting that you would make a special effort to give the best accessible party bus administration for visitors’ benefit says a lot about your organization’s pledge to quality, brilliant assistance, and reliable business connections.

Party bus for any event that you organize

Party Bus Rentals from us is the hottest trend in transportation not only for corporate events but also for any event that you need to hold.  

It is safe to say that you are going to go to a wedding and you incline toward something else from a limo. Is it accurate to say that you are heading off to your prom and you have to establish an extraordinary connection while having a great time during the outing to the setting? At that point, a party bus from us is the vehicle you have to get to your goal in style. On the off chance that you are going to celebrate that birthday or graduation party, at that point you ought to know that the most recent pattern is to lease a party bus.

Our party bus is an enormous vehicle altered from a regular vehicle and utilized for recreational purposes. It can convey 15-32 travelers. Party bus rentals are as of now trending and you can find their utilization n the most recent weddings, proms, homecoming and different festivals. They offer an alternate encounter contrasted with limos.

The differences between the party bus and limo 

For the most part, you can use limos for transporting 2-20 travelers, and the reason for existing is frequently increasingly ‘genuine’ than when you use a party bus. Party buses, then again, are, for the most part, for gatherings of up to 32 individuals venturing out to an occasion. Group transport can empower a pleasant climate for recreational exercises between groups of individuals. The environment is a greater amount of ‘fun’ than business. Our party buses are incredible for bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Which of these choices would it be advisable for you to pick as the transport to your occasion? This would boil down to an individual decision. Nonetheless, it is smarter to take a party bus for a specific sort of circumstances. For instance, if you and your companions have arranged Friday night as “girls’ night out,” the best transport alternative would be a Party Bus Rentals. On the off chance that you lease our party bus, the bus would, as a rule, be fitted with a few courtesies: a CD/music/theater framework, stripper shafts, laser lights, dance floors, gear parcels, latrine, disco lights and so on. These luxuries would guarantee you get an incredible party bus experience.

To add a touch of flavor to their transportation, more individuals incline toward Party Bus Rentals from us. Likewise, party buses are more open than limos, enabling gatherings of individuals to move while the transport is on travel. The sound framework is additionally better.

Things to know while leasing a party bus

At the point when you are renting a party bus, you should remember certain things to guarantee you have the best involvement in your rental service. You are reserving a party bus for an occasion or unique event since you need to leave an incredible impact on your visitors about the transportation side of things while going between goals. At times, similar to when leasing a party bus, the vehicle itself might be the principle fascination as you travel around and party as you appreciate the landscape while driving around town or select zones. 

In any case, it is most likely critical to you to get the not just get the ideal help, with a quality vehicle, all while following through on an affordable cost for your rental assistance. Overall, there are a couple of things you need to investigate and realize when leasing your party bus.

What amount would it be a good idea for me to pay to lease a limo? 

Above all else, you know the adage you get what you pay for. The least expensive party bus rental is not the ideal approach. So you ask yourself. What amount would it be a good idea for me to pay to lease a party bus? There is a lot of things that factor into running a fruitful party bus organization, which consequently gives a top-notch understanding to clients who utilize those organizations. So you being the client, there are things to consider when you get some information about what amount it would be a good idea for me to pay for a party bus. This does not mean you have to use up every cent either.

Great travel organizations like us will keep focused costs as we compensate for their additional overhead by giving extraordinary assistance, which will leave such an incredible enduring impression, we get repeat business and referral business from it. It costs cash to publicize to gain somebody’s company in any case. Thus, a recurrent client or a referral from somebody who spoke profoundly about our party bus rental experience does not cost us promoting dollars. It is an immediate aftereffect of our venture into every one of the things that make your experience so essential. This is also what separates our organization from our rivals, in this way constructing our reputation for being the best in our general vicinity. How about we currently talk about a portion of the variables that go into the value you pay for a party bus.

Chauffeur Service 

Great chauffeurs can represent the actuality of your experience. The individuals, who are agreeable, respectful and care about your experience, can make your movements substantially more pleasant. Our chauffeurs understand you are the client and they work for you, not the different way around. They do all the easily overlooked details to ensure you feel like that the client assistance coordinates the comfortable ride you are paying for. You can expect to have doors opened and closed for you. They will oblige to any unique travel solicitations with a grin all over as opposed to an articulation that would make you sense that you are disturbing them. Their experience and information on the zone will help get you to and from goals in a promising way. With everything taken into account, the best chauffeurs are paid well by us because they esteem their additional administrations to the organization.

Party Bus Maintenance 

At the point when you lease a party bus and you step into a decent, perfect, fresh smelling, extravagant vehicle, it only does not appear at your doorstep looking that route unintentionally. Mainly, so when it originates from a travel organization from us with an extraordinary reputation of giving quality help. Our exceptional reputation and quality help rise to the number of clients consistently, for a long time, all having a good time and celebrating it up in that similar vehicle you are riding in.

If you have not leased a great deal of party bus to be knowledgeable about it, consider heading off to a café or bar. At the point when you stroll into an eatery, bar, or club that does not do an intensive cleaning every single night before the close, it brings about a smelly and mold-covered, yucky smell over a short period with carelessness. It goes for a party bus. The vast majority of the party drinks are being devoured as your party on wheels drives around and, with knocks, corners, and merely drinking strangeness, spills are inescapable! Heaven restricts a driver cannot pull over in time before somebody becomes ill. At the point when you are inside a party bus, it is not cared for at a bar or club where you can make a frantic scramble to the bathroom.

When you have party bus rentals in New York from us, you will realize you rented a party bus from an organization that pays attention to their cleaning between clients when you step into your vehicle for the first time. It will smell pleasant and clean to oblige looking as extravagant of a ride sit may be. What’s more, when things break, we fix them immediately!

How To Arrange A Party On A Party Bus


We at Party Bus Online have requested all the time from clients to assist with arranging a party on the Bus. So we have assembled a couple of tips to assist you with having a ton of fun conceivable when you have party buses in NYC from us.

Pick Your Party Bus 

Not all party buses are equivalent. Furthermore, that is something worth being thankful for. It is difficult to arrange an epic party in a generic party transport. The exact opposite thing you need is a cutout ride when your objective is an incredibly remarkable encounter for your children, your companions, your family, or your collaborators. It is not very a long way from reality to state that picking the correct party bus truly establishes the pace for the whole experience.

Party Bus Online custom-builds the entirety of our party buses in New York, including amenities that different organizations simply do not offer. You get the solace of genuine leather insides, updated hardware and complimentary refreshment bars. Nevertheless, that is not all.

We know there is no size-fits-all answer for anything throughout everyday life. That is the reason we have assembled an assortment of party buses for you to browse. We have buses that can hold ten individuals and some that can hold more. Furthermore, in the event that you do pick any of our littler party buses, you will not need to forfeit the extravagance. They all have astonishing conveniences.

Buses for any size group

In the event that you have an enormous gathering of individuals, you would like to engage, our big party buses ought to be your rides of decision. You and the entirety of your companions, family, and associates can go in loosened up style and solace to and from anywhere in New York City.

The medium-sized party bus is everyone’s opinion of when one pictures the prototypical party transport in his or her brain. An extravagance limo-like inside encloses the entirety of your visitors by overstuffed dark leather polish. The side face-to-face and personal seating allow everybody to chat, giggle, and have a fabulous time before they even arrive at the goal. On the off chance, that you would like to zest things up a bit, turn the music on and dance around with dancer posts. Also, remember the complimentary drink bar supplied with every one of your top picks – like Bourbon, Vodka, Champagne, alongside brand name soft drinks and squeezed orange.

The big luxury party bus is a splendid, modern take on the customary limo transport. The smooth white inside and sparkling chrome highlights light up any energizing night. In addition, various huge and level screen TVs let you show your preferred children motion pictures, Hollywood blockbusters, music recordings, or home films. With such a party’s visitor of respect likewise gets a restrictive VIP zone to make them feel like a lord.

Our mini party buses are ideal for groups that need not bother with the space of a bigger party transport. Fit for holding up to all your companions or family in luxury, our luxurious party bus is decked out with a dark leather lined inside, encompass sound, video screens, shade changing LED-lights, thus substantially more. From the outside, all you see is smooth dark and chrome emphasizes. Tinted windows and lustrous dark veneer turn this “people mover” into a VIP party machine.

Choose Between the Limo or Party Bus 

Living in or around NYC implies you see a decent amount of Limousines and Party Busses on the highways, at the wineries, in the arenas or at the clubs. So how would you choose which vehicle to lease for your special occasion? We have assembled a portion of the pros for each to enable you to choose what will accommodate your style and spending plan.

Party Buses:

  • Room for everybody
  • Multiple means of transport to browse to fit gatherings of any size
  • Plenty of space to make and appreciate complimentary mixed drinks
  • Affordable
  • Elegant luxury
  • Great for any nature of the party
  • Perfect for making a stupendous explanation
  • Sleek outsides like limos on an enormous scale
  • Door-to-Venue chauffer administration
  • Complimentary Decoration Services


  • Classic
  • Beautiful
  • Elegant
  • Intimate
  • Always in design
  • The impeccable appearance

 For those that cannot choose and need the better of the two universes, we present the luxurious party bus – the ideal mix of measure and style. It has the entirety of the style and fun highlights you would find in a customary stretch limousine– making it without flaw for your gathering and your spending limit.

Reserve Your Vehicle 

  • Invite your companions.
  • Bring your very own Music or DVDs.
  • Bring additional water.
  • Bring snacks.
  • Climb on board.

 When you set foot in the party bus, the gathering starts! It is your one-stop-look for an incredible occasion!

Since you can fit all your companions in our luxury party buses, it’s the ideal method to commend any number of events.

  • Bachelor Party
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Wedding Transportation
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Club Hopping
  • Corporate Promotions
  • Prom and Homecoming

About choosing, where you need to go to the party buses remember the places of interest in NYC. Truly, our party buses are so a lot of fun you will need to invest however much energy in them as could be expected. It will be the best excursion ever. Simply gas her up and appreciate the ride. The drive passes by instantly because of the considerable number of luxuries—music, TV, lights, and indeed, even mist. Especially imaginative artists may even have some good times with the stripper post.

The Party Bus is an extraordinary method to spend a fun and safe night out in NYC. Jump from club to club without hosting to back off the get-together or stress over driving. It guarantees that everybody can make some extraordinary memories and return home securely.

Prom is another famous goal for party busses. Make the night genuinely exceptional with a party bus that all and we mean every one of your companions can fit in. You will be having a fabulous time you will wish to remain out. Who thinks about the prom ruler at any rate?

As a guest, you can modify any party bus experience in embellishments of your decision. Blooms, balloons, flags, and more would all be able to be included—with early notification. Contact our supportive party bus organizers to save an opportunity to brighten the transport yourself, have the vendor of your decision take the necessary steps for you, or—in the event that you buy the enhancements yourself—we can adorn at no additional charge.

So, plan your party and have buses from us to enjoy in luxury.